Getting Started Steps

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on the login button in the menu or home page Webpage with text and login buttons with arrows pointing to buttons
  3. Log into GitHub with your GitHub username and password. After a successful login you will be redirected to the homepage. Webpage with username and password form fields
  4. You are logged in and ready to start annotating! .

Keep in mind

  • The first log in takes the most amount of time. We are quite literally building an entire site on your first log in. After you have successfully logined in the first time the log in should be immediate every time after unless you delete your repository.


If you are unable to log in properly try one of the following steps to get the application working. If both steps below don’t work please leave a note or email us at

Delete repository

  1. Follow the instructions listed here:
  2. Go to

Enable GitHub Pages

  1. Folow the instructions listed here:
  2. Go to